Commission information

General rates - $25/hr or $100/day

Any expenses that I have to complete the project will be part of the invoiced price. E.g. avatar bases, plugins.

This also applies to any physical or digital materials I may need to acquire to finish a project in any medium.

How Mold works

I don't have a waitlist. I usually have one or two ongoing small projects with a large project in the background. Turnaround time for smaller projects is usually within a week or two, while larger projects may have a turnaround time of a couple of months or more. I don't accept money for a project until I am sure I am ready to start it.

My commissions are rarely ever 'open' or 'closed'. The best way to garauntee that I will accept a commission in the future is to interest me in your project. Present me with things that excite me and inspire me and I will make time for them. I love challenges, things that are new or have never been done yet, unique premises and characters.

Respect my time and space. A work day for me is about 4-5 hours. I keep a very strong work-life balance but am always happy to respond to inquiries about your commissions when I am free+. Please respect my time by only inquiring once per day and allowing me to work at my own pace and at the times of day that I work best.

Revisions during the project, not after. Works in progress are usually provided through whichever communication method works best for both of us. Feedback is best received as soon as possible; small things can become more difficult to change later in the project. I will take breaks in a project to wait for response if I'm not sure how to proceed. If no feedback is received after repeated attempts of communication, I will assume that the work is satisfactory and not expect to have to make revisions. Of course, I am happy to do revisions at the end of a project, but expect to be charged an hourly rate if said revisions exceed the scope of the project.

Everyone's human. I'm neurodivergent and a bit eccentric, so I communicate best when goals and expectations are clear. Mistakes can happen and I am willing to correct them. Not all personalities work well together, and if for some reason either of us feels that this is not a good match, I am happy to charge only for work completed.

If any work that you would like from me is not captured in the below categories, expect that you will be paying an hourly rate that includes learning, research, and trial and error time to understand how to fulfill your request. If I am not confident doing the project, I will not take it.

2D Art

Character design

General rate.

This is a good idea before getting a 3D character commission if you don't know what you want.

Logo design

General rate.

VRChat Commissions

General TOS

Custom avatars

Estimated cost of $750-1000+ dollars.

You likely do not want to commission me for a full custom avatar unless:

  • You've found that what you want matches a similar style to my previous work.
  • You know what's involved and what you're getting into.
  • You have extremely clear references.

  • Texture Commissions

    What to expect to receive

    Terms of Service/Use

    Modification of these terms will be determined per-project for whatever purpose it's needed. These are general guidelines and apply to all work unless a TOS has been otherwise specified.

    Second Life Commissions

    I rarely ever take commissions for Second Life for personal use items because the time spent exceeds the worth of the final product. Others who are more familiar with Avastar, LSL scripting, and the unwritten ins and outs of SL are likely better suited to take this sort of work.

    On a business capacity, I am more than happy to contribute to a project to be sold on Second Life if a portion of the sales are allocated towards our joint partnership.