Pilli the Jester Plush

Pilli is a jolly, magical jester plush. Upon close inspection, their body is made of only cloth and thread -- but some form of imp magic appears to be animating it. The floppy plush will stretch its ears and horns and tail and even pull on their button eyes to gross people out and make them laugh.

Release Date
Poly Count
VRChat Performance Rank (Desktop)
Medium, utilizes Physbones and Colliders
Quest Performance Rank
Files Included
  • Substance Painter 2020 file (for version 2020 and newer)
  • Unitypackage for VRChat (CVR package coming soon)
  • Separate scene for Quest compatibility
  • Blender file with rigged model (Blender 3.0+ only)
  • Easy to edit photoshop files
  • 3 included skins with materials to use in any 3D program
VRChat Avatar features:
  • Change skin on the fly and your skin options stay even when you change avatars. (Desktop only)
  • Enable and disable nose, eyes, ears, neck frill, and hands through the hand menu.
  • Change your nose shape with the dial to go from squishy to long.
  • Manually adjust position of ears and horns via rotary dial.
  • Nose squishes and squeaks when touched.
  • Sound enable/disable toggle. (Noise not available in Quest version.)

Note: the below preview includes a WIP version of the model but is rather close in appearance to the finished model.

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Alternatively, you can purchase via Ko-Fi. The price and contents are identical.